from my mouth i asked you

and you hid away so darkly,

’til finally i’m there with you

in your tomb, where you wanted me

there is no one here now, just me

and the sadness that fills the mountains

no one knows but the bird i told that morning in my dream

he who knows how to cry in his belly

i cannot write this poem,

and like i am

i must say it



leaving myself on the floor

like nothing


a dying poem stolen from the sighs that writhe under our tongues

swallowed whole, unbitten, untasted, unbled

down throats that can never know the ecstasy of death

the sauntering river moves so sensuously before the jagged rocks of a jealous sky rain down in vengeance, the colour of the wolf filling the air

its translucent skin ripped open in foaming pain as it retreats into the darkness below

as tears join kin

an embryo of a

bare beating heart

had dreamt of me, of you

of lavender skies, warm salty flesh and the long shadows we cast at sunset

and it dreamt i died in the anatomy of time

reborn inside moonmilk bones

yet the moon trembled when she could no longer find the hidden places

she trembled mightily so, for Selene splintered my bones

their marrow now as brave and as fragile as a migrating bird that wisps arc and ritual over horizons and lost highways

and slowly your incense rose, filling my mouth and my lungs

the burning pages of an unread book releasing their spirits that warm my flesh and my bones for beautiful eternal moments

and i dream of this beating heart

exposed and vulnerable, quiet

yet so strong as to manifest everything that has been







gazing through

a crystalline tear

promises silently transfused between our breaths return to the clouds on the scorched skin of truths altar

the melt of a world never fully formed fill the crevices of the day no one knew the name of

hot wax hardened by cold breaths broken off into tiny islands

drift in an ocean, searching for their candles light

i am quietened by an ambrosial sadness that arranges me in deliberate naked poses

my legs stretch out above me as my muscles grip my bones in nurturance’s violence; tunneling her visions into me

the hunger of existence grabs my wet face under my blanket of warm sleepy saltiness

and the sky swallows oceans

without even the stars as her witness

my favourite tree

burnt down,

its pages of poetry

turned to ash

swallowed by dark earth

my hands dig

crimson fingers

seeking the lost

a single root



grows in secret

my face is obscured by a darkened sun awaiting the lost world

“return to me!”

on my kneess, i am shrouded in shadow

and bathed in this passion